This year I have an honor to be part of European Month of Photography in Berlin, where will be exposed a start of project about Black Sea region which I have started with my friend Florian Bachmeier.
"Dreptul de a Fi" NGO organized the summer camp for disabled children and their parents.
The 5th of may dozens of people were burned in House of Syndicates after clashes between football fans and anti-maidan activists in city center.
Thousands of Ukrainians and supporters of Ukraine took rally to Russian embassy in London. The same day autonomy government of Crimean peninsula hold referendum for independence from Ukraine and joining Russia.
My story about Transnistria, with personal comments, in “Der Spiegel” magazine iPad version.
No matter who is in charge at the end, People of Ukraine, you already won. Still immature to build the state, but ready enough to start it. The new chapter of Ukraine is only about you. Now I don’t have doubts. I felt it in the listening to your anthem in Maidan's canteen, and I see it know 80 days later.

This year I was selected as a finalist and a nominee at the "Circle of Life" contest on Vilnius Photo Circle Festival. It was a great pleasure and honor to meet new colleagues and see their work. I am also proud of Fausto Podavini who won the main prize with his "Mirella" story.

Lviv is a good partner to talk with. Each time I've been there was full of unexpectable experience. It was three parts meetings. First time the city allowed me to discover itself. Two years later it showed me it's current identities and on my third visit it's terrible history. I don't know if there are a lot of other cities that have the same sad story and changed all their habitants several times.